A Virtual World

This idea is based on Virtual Reality. With a device like glasses and a software, we can create a Virtual World in which one can do everything he want to do. One can take tour of moon, one can visit 7 wonders in 10 mins, one can fly over the earth, one can be with his/her partner. All things will be in 3D and virtual. One will feel like he is at the place he is visiting. Just imagine, if we have such a application, how ...more »

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Second life to third life

An application developed to project a second life character into a three dimension(3D) to a remote place with the help of Netbook. This application will make the connection between real world and virtual world. This application is something close to 'Matrix' movie but it is not fully virtual as the virtual character which gets projected can be seen as a three dimension(3D)person/object in real time. This can even been ...more »

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