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an image search application

meaning user uploads an image and then search is performed helping those who are separated from their family due to some natural calamity or any other reason.


this can be acheived using the face detection and cloud computing technologies, its time complexity is high but will give hope to many.


hope my idea is under implementation somewhere in the world


my regards

Anuj Dubey


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'Computer As a Service' - 'A computer without the computer'

We already know about various IAAS, PAAS techniques in cloud computing but my idea is to make cloud computing to the next level. Imagine a world with only monitors,keyboards and mouse. No CPU, No computer. Everything as a service. EVERY COMPUTER IS YOUR COMPUTER. It is said that on an average only 20-30% of the CPU is actually used. The amount of pollution due to the computing industry is more than the Airline industry. ...more »

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