e-Desktop service on the Go(Notebooks & PDAs) using WIMAX

Since the advent of new broadband internet technologies like WIMAX and high speed ethernet the bandwidth is dramatically increased.Now a days the user is getting download rate of Mbps not Kbps.


Idea: e-Desktop Service using Cloud Computing Technology.


* New service in cloud computing. The user can sign up for an e-Desktop service provided by Cloud Computing Service Vendors.

*The cloud provider actually provides the personalized desktop for each user on demand.After successful signup and configuration the customer can logged into his own e-Desktop( whose instance is created in Cloud Provider servers).


* By using this service the customer can have lot of benefits


1. No need to buy a notebook or desktop Computer,he can subscribe the same by using Internet .Which actually reduces the corbon emission by Computing devices.

2. The user can access his personalized e-Desktop from any where and any time.

3. Platform Independence :Since it is an Internet Application,so irrespective of Local machine(in which we are accessing the e-Desktop) platform(OS) we can access our personalized e-Desktop.

4.Multiple OS selection: The cloud Vendors provides the e-Desktops for multiple variety of Operating systems (UNIX,Windows,Mac-OS etc.)

4. The user can access this service on the Go(eg. while he is moving/traveling) by making use of WIMAX technology.

5.Think Green : By using the this service the Desktops Hardware usage will be decrease, which would eventually helps to decrease Environmental pollution.

6. Even 1000 lines are not sufficient to describe the benefits of this Innovative technology.



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