'Computer As a Service' - 'A computer without the computer'

We already know about various IAAS, PAAS techniques in cloud computing but my idea is to make cloud computing to the next level.

Imagine a world with only monitors,keyboards and mouse. No CPU, No computer.

Everything as a service.


It is said that on an average only 20-30% of the CPU is actually used.

The amount of pollution due to the computing industry is more than the Airline industry. The amount of Electronic Waste would reduce a million time. A computer would NEVER get outdated. No games to new to play.

Last year a amount totalling to 13B $ was the total loss to the Entertainment Industry due to Piracy. If we use Computer as a Service there would be no CD/DVDs etc or any other Storage Media there would be no piracy. All videos can be watched only on service.

Most imporatantly it will reduce redundancy to a HUGE extent.

Let me give an example. Suppose a person has a video of 1 GB. and 10 Million people in the world own that video totalling 1 PB. In Computer as a Service we can have just 1 copy and give access grants to selected people.

We can tremondous amount of Disc Space,


We can change the world. Help environment.


Now the Idea for the Netbook App incorporating my above commputer-as-a-service-architecture





If we have such software analysing our cloud data at runtime and then maintaining only one copy of it, we can reduce redundancy.


Especially with videos. Videos with different formats and resolutions can't we directly compared. Such app's must be made to analyse this and understand that its the same video in different formats.


A lot of space is wasted in storing the same video. Analyse and delete the redundancies




A cloud computing app which understands human behaviour by historical data and real time analysis should record his computing style and repeated errors.

So less pressure is put on the actual processor figuring out what the error is in a program, one can directly look the users previous errors(in programming style) and look for similar errors. Chances are 90/100 that the error is found from the historical data.

So less CPU overload and more time interacting with other cloud components





An app which will automatically change colours of the Operating System and other apps apps (Official or 3rd party) according to outside light and use the minimum energy required. We know that white consumes the maximum energy and black consumes the least. Most of our app/softwares have too much white colour. An app can be developed which analyses and darkens the colour whenever possible to reduce energy consumption and yet the visual appeal is not diminished :-)





Aniket Bera



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