RFID Biometric Attendance System

This Project is intended to provide an automatic attendance management system for College.In this we will register all the Students and Staff(Teaching and Non Teaching) by taking their Finger Prints and generating an RFID Tag which will be attached to their ID cards.So every day students and Staff before entering into the College must give their Finger Print,then their RFID tag will be activated for that day. Now while taking a class the Staff who takes that class need to login to the application which is launched in the Desktop Computer present in each Class Room.Now he/Staff has to select his Class Period for he is taking the Class, after that he must activate the RFID tag reader which will be arranged in each class..Now the RFID reader will detect all the RFID Tags present in that class and adds attedance to the Students and for the Staff who has taken that class.




Attendance Maintenance Problem can be overcome.

Time Table can be registered for each classroom.

Reports can be generated on the attendance of student and Staff for the management ..


I have already completed this project under my miniproject assignment....



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