Emergency medical needs...

In country of ours, where we don't learn until it happens to us or rather we never learn anything, it should be taken care by the government medical officials (GMOs) to render timely services to the needful patient in case of emergencies. This kind of thing can occur to anyone.

Thus, GMOs alongwith all cellular service providers should workon developing a unique service to help the needy patients in any case of emergencies to provide timely services. Since cellular services are used by every person belonging to any strata of society, Govt. can start with a unique service providing information about the nearest available healthcare facility in any case.

The Central govt must also start all-India operations pertaining to emergency paramedical services with their common service nos. similar to one existing in U.S.A. Subsequently, the State Govts can implement their own course of action in operating these services.

But please make an effort towards improving the healthcare facilities esp. to poor citizens and make India a better place to live-in.



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