we all know that these days every one have lot of works to do from office works to family every person is surrouded by lot of work and responsibilities. In this hectic life one forget to enjoy many things which he/she wants to do in his/her life....here I have one idea in which one can enjoy his/her life and would not missed the deadlines of office work.

In my idea a person can make his/her avatar in internet by giving his details and details should include each and every things like favourite food,actor,actress,types of movie,favourite places,likes,unlikes ,types of person,blood group,sex orientation,your company, each and every detail and these detail should keep confidential.

after this on the basis of these details your avatar will form which is just like you and keep surfing internet to get each and every news and information u want to download and download it automatically e.g if u want to watch current movie and if u would download it from internet it will take around 6 hours for blue ray quality so in my concept the movie will be dowmloaded by your avatar as it resemble you and it will react just like you as we made it by analysing each and every detail given by you...your avatar automatically search movie and download it and you can watch it without wasting any time in downloading..similarly your avatar keep track of share market and work accordingly,make plans for trips,perform online shopping and many more things which we can only discover when we start using it



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