Real time Share Market Game

The application creates excitement, the educational experience delivers the biggest impact.


An Innovative Way to Learn

The Stock Market Gamers learn more than investing. As they progress, they learn core academic concepts and skills that can help them succeed in life.


Starting with a virtual cash account of $100,000, gamers strive to create the best-performing portfolio using a live trading simulation. They work together in teams, practicing leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation as they compete for the top spot. The setup is engaging, and the learning is a natural part of the experience.


In building a portfolio, gamers research and evaluate stocks, and make decisions based on what they've learned. Teams trade common stocks and mutual funds from the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX exchanges; earn interest on cash balances; pay interest if buying on margin and pay a commission on all trades. To determine why certain stocks perform the way they do, or why the broader market has moved up or down, they need to understand how the economy works, and to calculate their returns they need to do the math.


The program also teaches and reinforces these essential skills and concepts:


Critical thinking


Cooperation and communication

Independent research

Saving and investing.


Seems interesting. :)



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