---=== Integration of Mobile technology & Laptop ===---

~--=== Integration of Sim card & Laptop ===--~

Imagine a scenario, where you are stuck in a corner and you badly need to make a call at the appointed time or an urgent call or attend a conference/meeting; and your mobile battery is down and you don't have a charger... Then you have all the battery backup in your laptop yet you cannot use anything since there is no adaptation of mobile/cellular technology integrated into laptops... how frustrating it would be... Here i step in to contribute my idea...


Imagine a laptop in which we can insert a sim(GSM/CDMA/??) and we can make calls and integrate it with many other apps already built in. Since the invention of Mobile people are dependent more on VOICE communications for ideating, communicating and what not... If a sim card can be inserted into a laptop and an app which can host all the Call related functions providing seamless functionality to already existing multifunction capability of a Laptop/PC would be mind-blowing!!! An integrated PC Suite for many mobiles which are presently available are limited w.r.t. Full fledged functionality of the features available. Instead the new app built exclusively as voice app and related features can extrapolate the usage of laptop and its many features.

My idea is to unify the many available technology into one solid piece of technology enabling us to be empowered in many ways, while we enjoy the sleek piece of technology called Laptop / Palmtop!



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