Sharing each other's address .

The idea that I want to present is that, if all individual telephone network provider companies (around the world ) can “share” each other’s customer’s address details then it would result beneficial as-


Considering an example:-


If a person ‘A’ (lives in London and uses a Vodafone network) and he makes a call to another person ‘B’ (who lives in New Delhi, India and uses Airtel’s network) ,then after the talk is over , callee ‘B’ will receive a SMS (short message service) from his network provider company (in this example - Airtel) ,asking ‘B’ that, would he allow ‘A’ tag his address on his map?

Now if B is agreed by this proposal ,then whenever next ,A making a call to B , will have an option to view B’s address somewhat like an address book,.one more benefit is that if A is navigating New Delhi’s geographic map then B’s address will be highlighted/tgged/or pointed, making him know about his personal friend network.


Earlier we talked about “sharing” of telephone network provider companies customer’s address details, now we can make out that if sharing of addresses is possible between the companies then only the above idea is possible, (as vodafone in this case is accessing Airtel’s customer’s address details).



Messaging the callee is important in terms of security/privacy of the individual.



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