Analytic Music Composer

In todays scenario it is really not a tough competition out there to compose music. Since it involves the knowledge of an composer on the various musical types he had learnt over the years. But there could be an application where-in the Script of the film,the Particular scene involved,Actors involved in any particular scene(their attributes,the objects involved in the scene), the next set of actions/events going to happen needs to be given as an input for an application. The song-writers data is being taken, Composer finds the structured way of framing the music, adds aesthetic sense to it, analyses mood of the target audience,type of music expectancy of the user and then comes out with some sets of music patterns for the user and allow them to select their favorite. Even the application can tell the user that, the same pattern might be different based on the locale,region,people...etc.This could well be extended to allow to-regenerate new music patterns as well for the future.



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