Cloud Sync Application


The idea is to develop an application which can sync information (it can be files or documents, videos, browser bookmarks, calenders, etc) from your netbook with the configured external source (Amazon, Google, IBM cloud, etc) through the web (internet) without any manual intervention.



Most of us travel to and from our workplace for atleast an hour everyday. So, when you are traveling home from work, you can configure to sync your work related docs onto your netbook from your configured cloud, work on your docs while traveling, and once you are done, this 'cloud sync application' will automatically sync up with the changes through the web(internet asynchronously based on network availability.

You can also configure the application so as to sync only one category of info(eg: only browser bookmarks, or only documents, etc)



* This application helps make efficient use of the travel time (esp. long distance travel) as a user can continue with his work while traveling.

* Syncing helps avoid manual copying of files from desktop to netbook and vice versa.

* Loss of info and duplicity is avoided as all the info is maintained in a central repository(your configured cloud).



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