Low cost NET PC with Solar Panel 4 Children of Rural areas


Availability of power, trained and experienced teachers, quality Teaching and learning material, Multimedia content etc shall be a major issue and challange for Governemnt in the Effective Implementation of in Right to Education Act specially in case of rural areas. facilitation of a Low Cost NET PC with Solar Panel can be a major support to the Govt in facilitating Computer Assisted Learning in rural areas. The solar Panel need to be very small and handy preferably just like a slate. It can also be fixed on the back of the net PC. The GoI is also promoting the use of Broaad band for Rural Areas under the USOF Scheme (Universal Service Obligation Fund). USOF Scheme is being implemented thru BSNL and GOI is providing subsidy to citizens of rural India and facilitating very cheap and affordable Broad Band Connectivity. Intel and also offer the Low cost Net PC with Solar Panel to the masses and speically to the rural schools by having a tie up with BSNL so that the Govt can procure the devices in large numbers thru BSNL without any procurement related issues.


NET PC with Broad Band access shall go in a long way in facilitating the Government in providing the right and proper contents/teaching learning materials to the students of Rural areas.



Technical Director

NIC, Govt. of India

Vindhyachal Bhawan

Bhopal (MP)




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