An average computer user has to hear so many difficult terms and jargons, or even a new newss story does not make sense to him since the story is relatedd to a old one.


To address this this is an idea for a desktop application which can run on the background, when the user selects or highlights a term on the Computer presses a certain key combination the application woukld lauch the UI.


The Application would then search for the term on the many publically available(or even paid) services on the Internet and present a consolidated infor to the user.


Some possible sources for the information can include, Wikipedia, News sites,search results, real time Twitter feeds, Youtube videos, Finacial information about the term (if applicable), Wolfram Alpha etc.


This would enable the users to quikly get a gist of the topic/term and improve his/her productivity and help in keeping them better informed.



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